Proper Preparation Equals Good Golf

While playing golf, is your level of enjoyment linked to your level of play? For some, good times must be accompanied by good play. If this describes you, then the key to maximizing your enjoyment on the golf course is proper preparation.

Proper preparation consists of two essential factors: 1) quality instruction, and 2) supervised practice. One without the other just won’t do.

Where do you turn for golf instruction? A friend, a book, a videotape? Although the cost might be right, these resources will be unlikely to meet your unique situation. Quality instruction, provided by a qualified teaching professional, should take into consideration your personal tendencies, practice habits and golf experiences.

Quality instruction must be followed by supervised practice. In other sports, how often are coaches available during practice to provide feedback? That’s right

Your on-course enjoyment can be enhanced through proper preparation. Get prepared

1. Meet with a qualified golf instructor

2. Practice, practice, practice

3. Pursue regular feedback

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